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Visitor Testimonials:

“I want to thank you for your clear words and encouragement as we go forward in these perilous times. The thing I like most about your work, is the clarity you give me. I’m looking forward to reading and listening to you more.”

-Robert R. 

“Tekoa, you are amazing on research & analysis. The Soros story was fabulous and obviously out of sync with the “truth” in the main stream media. Very well done. Keep up the great work!”

-Stefan L.

“Dear Tekoa, you are spot on in your interview with Brigitte Anderson and clearly one of the better thinkers out there on gold. Very well done.”

-Mark Mead Baillie, The Gold Update

“Tekoa, you rock!!! Your blog is one of the best. It’s on my daily visit list. The hard acts you present are fantastic.”

-Raghav M.

“Tekoa, your lucid interviews cuts through the noise and gets right to the signal. As the trustee of family accounts…thank you for your work of clear direction!”

-Anthony Joseph, MD, President & CEO, Healthcare Accreditation Colloquium

“Tekoa always seems to bring out the best in the person he’s interviewing and has no problem drawing those kernels of wisdom an investor would like to mine from a financial guru, pundit or from the management of a particular industry or company. He asks the kinds of questions the audience wants to hear. It is apparent that a love of teaching is on display here and his enthusiasm is quite refreshing to a prospective group on the receiving end of such a mutually-rewarding and life-enriching endeavor. He also has a way of explaining and simplifying many processes which may seem at first to be complicated, convoluted, or confusing – and in doing so brings many people to new heights of understanding. I don’t miss a post…and neither should you…”

-Charlie P., United States

“Tekoa Da Silva is one of the brightest up and comers in the metals blogosphere.  He is a wonderful interviewer and his video interviews are very insightful and wonderfully done.  It is always a pleasure to listen to Tek’s opinions on the financial markets and the difficult times that are in front of us.  So much uncertainty.  Lots of stress.  Tekoa does not pretend to know what will happen in the future but certainly realizes the severity of what is in front of us.  He provides common sense advice.  Not useless drivel.  And, when he has an expert with him he asks the right questions and doesn’t let his opinions interfere with what the expert is trying to convey.  I recommend Tekoa Da Silva.  He will keep you grounded and on the right track in this time of financial chaos.  Keep it up Tekoa!”

-Glendon H., Panama

“Tekoa is a young man with a lot of experience in the market. He has an open mind, a lot of knowledge, and an easygoing personality. He truly wants to help people through this crises…and works hard to bring the best content and the best interviews with the biggest names in the market. If you are young, learn with him. If you are older, follow his work and decide what you agree and disagree on. Also, he is an open person and will talk and discuss his opinions with you, and that is his differential.”

-Bruno H., Brazil

“Tekoa’s enthusiastic, perceptive and open-minded attitude has been of great value to me. His interviews are informative and relevant, taking account of the most up-to-date issues and information. His presentations show a balanced, wide-ranging and in-depth knowledge of the topics in question. In terms of both content and interpretation he always offers a positive, fresh and interesting perspective. ”

-Duncan P., England

“Tekoa is a brilliant interviewer for the gold and silver community. I am following a lot of blogs and market commentaries, but he gives listeners the 360° view on what is happening around us. In addition to his excellent interviews with leading persons in the gold and silver market, he reminds investors of the big picture and explains what we need to be successful in such tough markets. Anyone interested in the precious metals space should follow his videos and commentaries which will help you to go through this period of time and be ahead of the curve. All the best.”

-Andreas B., Germany