I just got off the phone with a major silver producer. Of worthy note, is that over the last 3 months, phone calls from what this gentlemen referred to as “generalists” have spiked, and are continuing during this quiet holiday period.

“What is a generalist?” I asked.

“A generalist is a fund manager oriented towards general market investments—not precious metals specifically,” he replied.

“What is occurring due to the extremely low valuations of gold and specifically quality silver producers,” he explained, is that “general market growth and value-focused funds are now eyeing these companies.” 

Further, this gentlemen joked that generalists are also referred too as cockroaches, in that when you see one—there are usually ten more hiding behind them, looking to buy.

When asked how many generalist funds are quietly calling silver producers during this time he responded, “It could be hundreds…or thousands. We’re talking pension funds, mutual funds, value funds…guys who move the price of the stock and move the price of silver itself…those who need a week or more to take a position” 

Very interesting conversation indeed.

Tekoa Da Silva
Bull Market Thinking