I had the chance to reconnect with a source in the bullion management business, whose operations deal on a direct basis with the shipping desks at the GLD. While remaining unnamed at this time, it was a powerful conversation, and he was quite liberal in sharing thought.

Speaking to what his group is hearing from the main GLD custodian, he noted that, “GLD is collapsing in [terms of] the number of share issuance, and [is] being redeemed…we are hearing from my end…that the GLD main custodian has been collapsing it and redeeming it, and that gold is just being shipped via their shipping desk directly to Asia.”

He further added that, “It is quite clearly a major establishment using their shipping desk to ship gold bullion, and potentially having it re-smelted down in Singapore, Hong Kong, etc. It (the gold) is moving.”

When asked his thoughts on the potential for a short-squeeze down the road as all this gold moves east, he concluded by saying, “Anything that can go down as hard as [gold] has, can obviously have a dramatic short squeeze at some time…at the end of this market [I expect] you will have a ridiculous squeeze.”

While much is left unanswered in the public domain regarding this year’s mysterious clearing out of physical gold from Comex warehouses, it would make sense for such events to occur right before a massive run-up in price—whether it be through freely traded markets or by governmental decree.

As a fresh data set, Comex Gold Warehouse Stocks have declined by roughly 4.5 million ounces so far this year, or in dollar terms—$5.89 billion in gold has fled Comex depositories, apparently all on its way to China:

(click to enlarge, courtesy Nick Laird)

Bottom Line: By the time the details of this continually unfolding gold inventory story of 2013 are fully revealed to the public (if at all), the price of gold will be long discounted to the upside. Plan your positions according.

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Tekoa Da Silva
Bull Market Thinking