While North America and the EU argue over debt and entitlement spending, Brazil and other emerging countries are laying the groundwork for tomorrow’s great fortunes.

Over the last week, a development stimulus package announced by the Brazilian government for over USD $25 billion, is aimed at the construction of additional shipping ports throughout the country, nine of which, have been planned for the state of Espirito Santo (to which I humbly reside). Said port development will create over 25k jobs in and around the small towns and cities of Espirito Santo, many of which have only dirt roads. 

“9 State Ports Will Create 25,000 Jobs”

Eike Batista, Brazil’s richest man and global commodity and infrastructure developer said (in traditional humor) that with this announcement,

“The [Brazilian] government has trimmed it’s beard, mustache, hair, and more.”

As shown below, skilled labor is needed at every level of the port operational chain. The right hand side illustrates products of import (consumer goods, of which Brazilian consumers are expressing tremendous demand), and exports of oil, iron ore, steel pellets, coffee, granite, stone, and a variety of other natural resource commodities.

What the pictures and headlines don’t read (and what excites me most), are the tens of thousands of new homes that will be needed to house these workers, the stores and restaurants needed to support their living, the cars and roads needed to move them back and forth, not to mention the thousands of global import/export businesses that will utilize the ports to improve their businesses.

This story of long-term growth is just one of tens of thousands occurring across the country. The energy and investment is magnetic, and cannot be conveyed in words and picture alone.

Have you factored 10-30+ years of BRIC’s growth into you future? Feel free to share your thoughts.

All the best,
Tekoa Da Silva

Photo sources: aTribuna, December 7th, 2012