Stories of precious metals note in this morning’s news press was the announcement of Brazil’s Central Bank “boosting gold reserves for the third straight month, doubling it’s holdings since August.”  Total Brazilian Central Bank gold holdings are at about 67.2 tons…or 2.16 million troy ounces of gold. That equates to total holdings of USD $3.5B at today’s prices. See Bloomberg for full article.

Globally, Central Banks have bought an additional “426.5 tonnes of gold so far this year,” equating to total buying of 13.7 million ounces, representing USD $22.6B in total buying.

A second item of precious note, was an interview conducted with Jim Rogers this morning, hosted by yours truly. Jim responded to questions on continued social unrest, economic/financial collapse, metals manipulation and more. The interview will be available on the site later this afternoon.

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Lastly, in lighter news, “the game is rigged” meme spreads from the financial markets to the beauty markets, as a Miss USA pageant contestant is charged $5mm in arbitration for claiming a rigged pageant. With any luck(fingers crossed), “Occupy Miss USA” will surely follow…