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Strangely occurring during a period of collapsing precious metals & mining equity prices, the St. Louis Adjusted Monetary Base (BASE) has catapulted itself to never before seen, record, all-time highs of “2,796.041 Billions of Dollars”. That’s $2.796 trillion dollars.

In this week’s “The Coxe Call”, Don Coxe commented on this historic event, saying, “After a year [and a half] in which the monetary base has been stable, its now entered into rapid-growth mode again. What that means, is that Ben Bernanke is directly or indirectly, [manipulating the currency].”

“[A] simultaneous weakening of all the paper currencies, and a new currency race to the bottom, you would think would be bullish for gold. But of the major commodities [it] has been the weakest, and today we’re at $1659…most particularly because of the surprising strength of the Euro…Talk about an Orwellian currency situation.”

“For investors this means the best performing stocks might be those of the weakest performing commodities. So that’s why I call it, “Orwellian”—[because]weakness is strength. This of course is that famous phrase of the rules of the system, “War is peace, freedom is slavery, weakness is strength.’”

To listen to the full recording of Don’s call entitled,  “Orwellian Currencies: Weakness is Strength”, visit: CoxeAdvisors.com

Thoughts on Don’s comments and this explosion of BASE money supply are welcomed below.