As gold continues it’s ferocious sell-off today (of which is magnified by silver and the miners),  I’m curious to find out if this price movement is but another running of stops at the 200-day moving average. Oh the possibilities…if we were only digital and could transport ourselves into the nebulous of the electronic trading pits…to observe in fact, all transactions and participants as they trade. I wonder what the original founding pit/exchange traders of the 18th century would think of today’s systems.

Anyways, here’s a look at gold…

(click to enlarge)

and silver…

(click to enlarge)

And lastly, here’s a 5-day chart of metals and miners versus their mainstream counterparts.

GLD -3.00%, GDX -5.00%, SLV -8.00% , AAPL +2.00%, S&P+1.75%

(click to enlarge)

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